Own your own rare breed

Have you ever considered living 'The Good Life', but don't have the space or the desire to muck out each day?
We are offering you the opportunity to own, rear and eat your own rare breed animal.

All of our animals are not only on the Rare Breed Survival Trust List, but they are also well known for their excellent taste and quality. This is further developed because we grow our animals slowly, and as nature intended, with the finest organic feed and with the highest standards of welfare.

Our animals, with the exception of a very severe Exmoor winter, are all kept in their natural habitat - the pigs live in woodland and spend their days wallowing and rooting; the sheep have acres of glorious exmoor grazing; and the turkeys and geese have the full run of the farm (we do protect the turkeys from predators at night.) 

We can guarantee deliciousness with our meat. All of these traditional, rare breeds are renowned for their favour. That in combination with the nutrient rich grazing and foraging that the animals all enjoy alongside our care means that they develop a much tastier favour, more marbling and often less fat than a supermarket or intensively reared animal.

With each of the animals, included in the cost will be:

The rare breed animal - which we will either have bred ourselves or sourced from another small producer,

All daily care such as feeding and watering,

Vaccinations and a full health care plan,

Free range living on our 25 acres of Exmoor countryside,

Regular updates on your animal,

Opportunities to visit your animal and enjoy a tour (we can also arrange lunch, all visits must be subject to prior arrangement),

At the right moment, we have an excellent small, local abattoir and butcher who will take care of your animal. 

Following this process you will receive your meat vacuum packed and ready for the freezer, or if you're like us, to eat straight away. We have a standard cutting list, which we will provide, any additional requirements will be charged at our butcher's rate.

Our plans are ideal for sharing with a friend, or feel free to get in touch with us and we can find you someone to share with.

They make a perfect gift and we can happily send you a gift pack on request. what foodie wouldn't want to own their own traditionally reared, entirely free range, rare breed and not forgetting utterly delicious meat?

Or, wouldn't it be wonderful to serve your own meat at your next party, wedding or celebration? Let us help you out.

When you buy an animal from us, you will not only receive excellent meat, as well as enjoying the process of watching your own animal grow; but you will also know that you are contributing to saving these ancient British breeds from extinction.

It is our hope that we will be able to make a difference and contribute to getting these beautiful animals removed from the RBST list.


Middle White Pork


The Middle White was the main breed used for pork purposes in England in the 1930’s, though this changed after the world war and the introduction of Danish Bacon into UK markets. This is what caused farmers to try and breed larger, leaner breeds for meat production and ultimately to the decline in Middle White numbers. 

The breed is now listed as endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and is reported to be even rarer than the Giant Panda!

The Empress and Gloria Salt are our two pampered breeding sows. They adore a scratch behind the ear, a deep straw bed and a very muddy wallow!

We will allow each piglet to grow over 6-8 months, much longer than a commercially raised pig. We expect to get back between 50-60kg of pork per pig. Typically this would be:

Legs – bone in joints - we love these slow cooked or for pulled pork

Rump - bone in steaks and chops - so good on a BBQ

Fillet - meltingly tender and full of flavour

Loin – as delicious, thick chops

Belly – flat joints, ideal for either roasting or BBQing

Neck End/Shoulders – whole or half joints - the most wonderful Sunday roast

Trim – as our recipe sausages, we think they are pretty special

This is our suggested list, however, we are happy to speak to our butcher if there is something you would like to change or add.

Half pigs will be available at a cost of £150. For this you will receive approximately 30kg of pork.

Or, why not share the cost of a whole pig with your family and friends.

Although we do not feel that we are in competition with the supermarkets, we just want to show how good value our pork is; for ‘standard’ supermarket pork, you can expect to pay from £7 per kg for free range pork, our free range, high welfare, pedigree, rare breed pork is only £5 per kg


Rare Breed Lamb & Hogget

£180 - £220

The Whiteface Dartmoor sheep is one of Britain’s most ancient of breeds. 

Indigenous to Dartmoor, and, therefore, well adapted to the Exmoor pastures and moors. 

They are classified as ‘At risk’, numbers having declined hugely since their heyday in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Devon and Cornwall Longwool is a hardy sheep. They are easy to care for; being quiet and easy to gather when needed. These sheep are content and tend to stay within the boundaries of our fields (with a couple of exceptions!)

The Devon and Cornwall Longwools are a dual purpose animal suitable for smallholders and all farming systems.

These sheep have good food conversion, growing well on grass and roots.

They produce a very heavy fleece of good quality wool. From ewes the average clip can weigh 7-8kgs and from rams it can weigh in excess of 15kgs.

Our lambs are born in mid-April, this is because we are farming on the Exmoor hills and we wait for the worst of the winter weather to pass by. They are grown on slowly through the summer with their mothers and siblings on our lush Exmoor grass. 

The lambs will be ready at between 8-10 months, this is longer than a commercial flock, but we think it makes all the difference to the taste. Alternatively, we can grow your lamb on to the following spring, when it becomes hogget, which has a richer and fuller flavour without being as strong as mutton.

 You can expect the following cuts from your lamb, or hogget:

Rolled Shoulders

Whole Legs cut into joints


Double Loin Chops

Chump Chops

Lamb Burgers or Minced Lamb

This is our suggested list, however, we are happy to speak to our butcher if there is something you would like to change or add.

Half lambs will be available at a cost of £90 - £110. For this you will receive half the amount of the same cuts. Or, why not share with your family and friends.

We do have some lambs born this year who are ready. Alternatively you can reserve now and select one from the April 2021 lambs.

Although we can’t guarantee the weight of the lamb or hogget, we would typically expect a whole lamb, simply butchered as above, to be 10+ kg, and hogget 12-15kg.

Supermarket lamb costs vary wildly, from overseas lamb at £8 per kg to UK produced lamb at £30 per kg. At approximately £18 per kg, our lamb is delicious and fantastic value.


Rare Breed Turkeys, Norfolk Black and Bourbon Red

£70 including delivery

On the RBST as a priority breed, the Norfolk Black is a placid breed, we find ours to be extremely friendly.

Sadly out of favour because they are slower growing than commercial breeds, these turkeys are renowned for the flavour and quality of their meat.

The Bourbon Red was developed in Kentucky in the 1800s. A beautiful bird with a striking dark chestnut plumage. Ours are very inquisitive and enjoy foraging.

Orders for Christmas need to be placed by 25th November.

We can also supply your 'Christmas trimmings' such as stuffing and pigs in blankets, from our Oxford Sandy and Black pigs.


Embden Geese

£85 including delivery

The Embden goose is a beautiful bird, they are white with a bright orange beak, and are smaller than many commercial geese. Most white commercial geese were developed from a cross breed with the Embden.

Our flock were originally a Father's Day gift from our (then) 3 year old daughter. Our gander is named Del Boy, and I'll let you guess the names of his wives, but I can occasionally be heard calling for 'Marlene'!

They are a delicious treat all year round, but a goose on the Christmas table is a very special thing.

Orders for Christmas need to be placed by 11th October.

We can also supply your 'Christmas trimmings' such as stuffing and pigs in blankets, from our Oxford Sandy and Black pigs.


To purchase or discuss please contact us, we are always happy to talk about our animals!

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