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Are you organic?

While our animals are all fed organically and we use natural remedies where possible, we are not certified organic as this is something that takes many years.
It is something that we are striving to achieve.

Will my animal be one that you've reared?

Where possible the answer will be yes. However, as we are learning to always expect the unexpected so this can not be guaranteed.
We will guarantee that any animal we buy in will be a rare breed, and we will raise that animal from weaning onwards on our farm.

Who will complete all of the paperwork?

We will complete all of the paperwork, and ensure that all red tape is adhered to. We are quickly becoming experts in the lengthy processes.

What happens if my animal becomes ill?

We will care for your animal as if it is our own. We will cover all veterinary expenses.

May I choose my own cuts of meat for the 'own and animal' scheme?

Of course.
We will provide you with a standard butchery list for each animal. There will be a charge for anything additional, but we are very happy to discuss that with our butcher and provide you with his additional cost.

How will the meat be packaged?

All meat will be vacuum packed in transparent packaging, they will be clearly labelled with the cut of meat and a use by date.

All meat for the 'own an animal' scheme will be freezer ready, or frozen if requested.

The meat boxes will be delivered frozen unless specifically requested.

Can you deliver the pork and lamb from the 'own an animal' scheme?

The price is for collection from our farm or for local delivery.
However, we have an excellent local courier service and can deliver throughout the UK for a small cost.


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