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Welcome to Red Deer Farm Rare Breeds, our traditional, family run smallholding in the heart of beautiful Exmoor.

Red deer Farm is home to Ally, Louise, their young daughter, Clarence the gorgeous Golden Retriever and a growing number of rare breed farm animals.

We are passionate about saving and promoting British rare breeds and have several successful breeding programmes currently running; with many more in the planning. 

We are extremely proud of the the meat we produce, without exception our animals are all slowly reared which offers a more authentic flavour.

We also raise chickens for their eggs, and have a successful, but still in its infancy, vegetable garden. We are looking forward to producing goats milk beauty products when our young goats mature.

We care deeply about our animals and all are free range, with many even making it into the farmhouse at times; we feed organically where possible, and we know each animal by name!


The Empress and Gloria Salt, Middle White pigs.

One of the rarest breed of pig in the UK, the RBST class these as 'critically endangered' there are fewer than 200 breeding females left in the UK.

Our ladies are typical of the breed and are very gentle in nature, they love apples and fennel. Due to the fact that we grow them slowly, the meat is succulent and tender without running to fat. We enjoy the roasting joints and sausages the most!

First lambs on the farm, Whiteface Dartmoors. 

The Rare Breed Survival Trust class these as a 'minority breed', there are  between 1500 and 3000 breeding females in the UK.

Our ram is named Dave, he has wonderful curved horns and is one of the grumpier members of the family. As a breed they are hardy, produce wonderful wool and meat, we find that their hogget is exceptional.


Our very best farm hand with her Devon and Cornwall Longwool flock.

These cuties are 'at risk', there are only between 900 and 1000 breeding females in the UK.

They are one of the smaller breeds of sheep, but very tame and will all come when called, or to a bucket of lovely sheep nuts. They produce more wool per sheep than any other breed, their fleeces make wonderful carpets.


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Have you ever considered living 'The Good Life', but don't have the space or the desire to muck out each day?
We are offering you the opportunity to own, rear and eat your own rare breed animal.


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